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With a local lesion, the symptoms are characterized only in the area of viagra of the drug. The systemic reaction affects other parts of the body, spreading throughout the body. In the case of combination, local changes are accompanied by negative manifestations in other areas.


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With a slow course of allergy, a sign of damage is detected the next day after the administration of insulin. It is characterized by infiltration of the injection site. Allergy manifests itself both in the form of ordinary skin reactions and is characterized by severe damage to the body. With increased sensitivity, a person develops anaphylactic shock or Quincke's edema. Since the integrity of the skin is violated during the administration of the drug, one of the most characteristic symptoms is changes on the surface of the skin. They can be expressed as:


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an extensive rash that brings severe discomfort; increased itching; urticaria; atopic dermatitis. Local reactions accompany almost every person with insulin sensitivity. However, there are also severe damage to the body. In this case, the symptoms appear as a generalized reaction. A person often feels: rise in body temperature; pain in the joints; weakness of the whole organism; state of fatigue; angioedema.